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The Weekly Enterprise, as the name suggests, was (and may still be) the weekly newspaper of Enterprise, Alabama.

In 1902, Thomas Jefferson Carlisle served as the editor and publisher of the paper. Forty years earlier, as a member of the 37th Alabama Infantry, T.J. Carlisle had served as a Lieutenant in Companies D and I, and also served a stint as the Regimental Ordnance Officer.

During the war Lt. Carlisle kept a journal. It was this journal that served as the foundation of his desire to publish a regimental history in book form. Using his platform as newspaper editor, Carlisle solicited other former members to submit their memories to him which he subsequently published along with excerpts from his wartime diary in the spring and summer of 1902. Collected here are a number of these articles (along with one from Abbeville, AL which predates the Enterprise articles announcing his intentions).

Carlisle would undoubtedly be pleased that the story of the 37th Alabama is finally available for the descendants of the men he knew and obviously cared so deeply for to finally read.

Apparently, Carlisle published several more articles than are collected here. Available within this site are the following articles:

April 1902 (two articles)
May 1902 (four articles - including personal memoirs of Iuka, Corinth and Vicksburg actions)
June 1902 (three articles)
July 1902 (three articles)
August 1902 (one article)
Undated 1902 Articles (four articles)
The LaFayette Sun - March 1902 Letter from T.J. Carlisle
And an article about Lookout Mountain written by Brigadier-General John C. Moore published in CONFEDERATE VETERAN Magazine


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