37TH Regiment of Alabama Volunteers


L-R: Private Joel B. Barfoot (Co I), 1st Sgt Thomas J. Strickland (Co B), and Private John ("Jack") Summers (Co G)

" ... Let me say of the fruitless struggle made by the Thirty-Seventh Alabama Regiment ... I believe no truer, braver soldiers were to be found in the Confederate army, and I ask that those noble sons of Alabama shall not be forgotten while the deeds of others are often sung in loudest praise."
- Brigadier General John Creed Moore, C.S.A., retired
Excerpt from his article



The Confederate Thirty-Seventh Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment is a unit largely forgotten by history. This group of men was involved in nearly every campaign of the woefully understudied western theater of the American Civil War. The efforts and sacrifices of the men making up the unit have been lost or locked away for 150 years. A serious, scholarly study of the unit is long overdue. This document is an attempt to shed light on the day-to-day activities of the men of the Thirty-Seventh Alabama, the roles they played in this important chapter of American history, and perhaps, their personal motivations for going to war. This site is not intended as a platform to re-fight the war in any way, nor to justify or indict any individual or group. It is simply a collection of data and material that is intended to inform interested parties about this military unit. Every attempt has been made to assure the historical accuracy of the information presented herein.

This project began as a family genealogy project by the editor. To even the casual reader, this origin remains evident. However, as additional information has surfaced, the work has expanded to include information beyond that simply pertaining to the Culpepper family. Other contributors and resources have added tremendously to broadening the scope of this project. For that, the editor is truly grateful. The editor is not a professional historian; he's actually a professional writer and "storyteller," so this site and its content should be viewed with that fact in mind. He became interested in his own family's involvement in the most important and defining conflict in American history, for right or wrong, and he's tried to tell that story, "warts and all," as accurately as he is capable of doing.

This edition varies materially from previous editions thanks to those contributions of new information and research sources. It is important to strive for historical accuracy. And to that end, the editor apologizes for any factual errors or misinformation that may have occurred in this or earlier editions of the story of these men. Corrections and comments are always welcome by emailing or writing the editor at the address below.

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